You must read the Download Policy before starting downloading any file from this page.

Download Policy

The game, as a whole, is freeware. However, some resources included in it are under copyright restrictions.

To make it short, if you only download the game and play, there's no problem. The restriction are about re-usability issues, and ownership of the various resources.

By downloading the game and its data, you acknowledge the following restrictions.

As a final note, this is just a fan's derivative work, that I make available to other fans worldwide, as a tribute to a great arcade classic. Have fun.


The musics are packaged separately, since they are not really subject to change. You can download and install none, or one, or all, depending on your taste and bandwidth :) If you install several music packs, you will be able to select the active one from within the game.

Platform Filename Size Content Date
current version
2 Mb
Vigilante v 1.12, Windows version 28 Feb 2009
older versions
903 Kb
Vigilante v 1.11, DOS version 27 Feb 2002
msvcrt.dll (zipped)
alleg40.dll (zipped)
fmod.dll (zipped)

708 Kb
143 Kb
219 Kb
123 Kb
1891 Kb

Vigilante v 1.11, Win9x version, requires the 3 following files:
- Microsoft C Runtime library (6.10.8637.0)
- Allegro runtime library (v 4.0)
- FMOD music library (v3.5)
Vigilante v 1.11, Win9x version + all DLLs and music packs

27 Feb 2003
07 Dec 1999
04 Jul 2002
24 Feb 2002
27 Feb 2003
235 Kb
Music pack: "chip" musics 12 Mar 2001
680 Kb
Music pack: techno musics 12 Mar 2001
20 Kb
Game manual (included in full distributions) 27 Feb 2003
806 Kb
Vigilante v 1.1, DOS version 12 Aug 2002

628 Kb
1821 Kb

Vigilante v 1.1, Win9x version, requires the 3 following files:
Vigilante v 1.1, Win9x version + all DLLs and music packs

12 Aug 2002
24 Aug 2002
817 Kb
Vigilante (older), DOS version 20 Nov 2001

Please read the manual for installation instructions.