The original VigilanteTM is an arcade game published in 1988 by IREM CORP. They are the authors of this work of art and playability.
"This" Vigilante is coded by me (Yves Rizoud) in C w/ DJGPP and Allegro, and is NOT an accurate port or anything:

All in all, I tried to keep the feeling of the game that captured my heart; while adding new game possibilities. The visual is as close as can be, the animation is top smooth. Ahh, the sound effects are 80% from the original game, so they're ok, unfortunately I found no fitting soundtrack... The music packs contain music found from various Internet sources, it's a very different feeling from the original game and I don't like it very much.
When I will finish this project, if I have time and keep interest in it, I may add a new episode with new enemies and such.. but this is only a possibility.