28 Feb 2009

Version 1.12 is out. Better joystick support, nicer windows integration (play in a x2 or x3 window), a special "Credits" animated scene, some graphic improvements: differential scrolling in several levels, a few more color variations for enemies, level 3 boss has grown his mohawk, fixed vigilante's waist during some animations, pistol is colorized, enemies have one more recovery animation frame. Better menus, ESC now has an in-game menu (instead of aborting current game), there's a new play mode "vampire" for veteran players, and in EASIEST and EASY modes, enemies have less health.

27 Feb 2003

Version 1.11 is out. The only addition is joystick/gamepad support.
Thanks to user feedback (demos teach me a lot of things! :), I have material for fixes and gameplay tweaks, but since it will break demo compatibility, I prefer to pack everything in a single version. Expect it in 1-3 months, depending on lazyness.
What about the non-linear episode ? Well, the beta showed me that it's not that interesting to play. The Vigilante gameplay has its limits, and even adding randomness does not raise the interest much, so I probably won't put further work in this test.

12 Aug 2002

Still alive:) Site redesign, and Vigilante v1.1 is out, for DOS and Windows now. No big changes in the game itself, only bugfixes, cross-platform compatibility, and cleaner options. There is also a real manual, you can even download it separately.
Work is underway for a new, non-linear episode... Realistically, it should be out in 6 months. If you want to beta-test, just contact me - I probably won't bother with a public beta, since very few people actually play Vigilante.

20 Nov 2001

A few more moves in gameplay: flying punch, back kick, whirlwind kick. The new kicks are a refreshing change... Check the new pictures on the Screenshots page.

10 Nov 2001
Animated Title. Enemies can be knocked down.Player can charge punches and kicks (read manual) Game has been made overall easier (1 extra life every level end, more time by level, bosses a bit more vulnerable.
11 Mar 2001
Most work on the menu is finished. It certainly looks better with full menu-driven options and config files.. Command-line parameters are almost useless now. Music packs: Chip is nice, Techno (old one) is a big download and not much better.. Note: only big gameplay change is a new "Survival" game mode, for hardcore players (1 life, regenerate..)
10 Feb 2001
Main game is complete, meaning you can start level 1 and play till you finish the game. Quite a few things are missing or need a fix, but it's not very visible. Working on game menu and such ...
Note: 3 internal demos start if main menu is left idle for 10 seconds.
28 Jan 2001
Site creation: quick html hack.
I will certainly not update the page as often as the files, so just check the directory listing for update dates.
Current game status is: "nearly finished" :) Levels 1-4 flow perfectly (out of 5), but there's no game menu or such.